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Seasoning Steak

Evans Meat Supermarket provides an excellent selection of quality NZ meats, and has a positive reputation with its customers. We provide excellent quality meats, and offer affordable prices for these entire ranges.  At Evans Meat Supermarket we believe in giving the customer the most for their money.

We make our own Luncheons, Bacon, Ham, Saveloys, Sausages, Gourmet Sausages and other Small goods. These products have a history of success, both with the business and the customer! All meat is of 'A' grade quality. Prime Standard.

Our marvelous products are produced in the healthiest way, under an MPI approved Food Control Plan. Evans top priority in business is to produce 100% satisfaction with the customer. The team here focuses on pleasing all of our customers to the best of our professional level.

Some people say we're old fashioned; yet our results speak for themselves. We don't push people into buying from us. We simply offer top quality meat and small goods to the best of our ability, and then let the customers decide for themselves.